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Little Daydream Chair

Little Daydream Chair


With its generous width and very low seat and back, the unusual proportions of this chair have a quirky appeal – so we rescued it and transformed it into a little seat to dream on.

We hand-dyed cotton twill fabrics in three different pastel shades, then used them to create a patchwork, deliberately leaving the edges frayed for a contemporary (and slightly rebellious) look. We hand-painted the wood frame in a soft butter yellow to complement the fabric. In a living room, a bedroom or a study, it would look lovely on its own or make a perfect companion for our Storyteller Chair.

Materials: Wood frame, hand-dyed cotton twill (3 separate colors) fabric, foam and down cushioning, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 27.5″ H x 34″ W x 34″ D

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