The answer is YES (of course! So many trends, so many crossovers.)

One of the trends that seem to come around repeatedly is Patchwork.

There’s something comforting about patchwork designs. It might be a little tough to wear, since – unless very well done – patchwork clothes can appear raggedy or old-fashioned. But they bring to mind comforting thoughts about lovingly crafted throw blankets somehow combined with a punk rock aesthetic. With meditations on what it means to reuse and up-cycle as well as on the intersections of identities, it was no surprise to see patchwork among the fall 2019 runway trends.

Ulloo 42 has its own take on Patchwork. Check out these two beautiful chairs imaginatively reworked by Suzanne in her own unique way. For both the Story Teller and the Little Daydream chairs, she hand-dyed the fabrics and frayed the edges (as well as hand-painting the wood frames). It’s brought a completely new and funky vibe to what had been two very traditional and boring pieces discarded by their previous owner.