Our mantra at Ulloo42? “Art is the foundation of everything that we do.” In her previous career as an artist, our co-founder Suzanne Currie mastered the art of collage – a form that lends itself naturally to surface decoration of many objects. So when we create a prototype shape for a custom furniture piece, it’s always with the idea that Suzanne will create an original work on its surface.

Our Surfboard coffee table (look at the shape and the name is obvious) is one such piece. We finished the the prototype in simple-but-beautiful all-over glossy pink resin. Recently, a conversation with a prospective client led us to make an “art” version of it. The colours of this particular collage immediately reminded us of dawn in one of our favourite places, Palm Springs – so we have called it Desert Sunrise.  It is now available to purchase – and we think it would resonate very well with mid-Century style.

As an original artwork it is, of course, a unique piece, never to be repeated. However, if you would like to commission your own piece – in a different color palette to complement a particular interior scheme, and perhaps a different size – please contact us.