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Is there a crossover between Fashion and Interior Design?

Lise Abraham

The answer is YES! http://coshamie.com/fashion-and-interiors/

One of the trends for fall 2019/2020 is Patchwork.

Patchy Patchwork

There is something comforting about patchwork designs. They might be a little tough to wear, since they can appear raggedy or old-fashioned, but they bring to mind comforting thoughts about lovingly crafted throw blankets somehow combined with a punk rock aesthetic. With meditations on what it means to reuse and up-cycle as well as on intersections of identities, it was no surprise to see patchworks as part of the fall 2019 runway trends.

Ulloo 42 has its own 2019/20 trend for Patchwork. Check out these two beautiful chairs imaginatively reworked by Suzanne in her own unique way. The fabrics were hand dyed by Suzanne and the frayed edges are a very creative detail giving the chairs a “funky” vibe.

We love the creativity crossover of fashion and interiors, stay tuned for more inspirations.

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