Ulloo 42

Let's talk about blue chairs for Summer and the trend for curves in sofas!

Michelle Luna

The color blue evokes feelings of summer, the blue sky, the sea, so why not chairs?

Blue is a calming natural color a universal favorite of men, women and businesses. Blue is perceived to be friendly, authoritative, peaceful and trustworthy. On our journey of re-imagining furniture a few of our chairs ended up transforming into Blue. Check out “Oscar” the chair, who doubles as a pet and somewhere to sit. Shaggy blue faux fur envelopes this little gem and blue powder coated legs finish off the look.

Alternatively, our Aqua Blue Velvet chair is calmly elegant with silver painted legs, this chair brings a fifties “boudoir” feel to a bedroom or can be an accent chair almost anywhere!

Soft rounded shapes are appearing everywhere from Sofa’s and armchairs to mirrors and lamps.  Pieces with more of an organic feel are on the radar for designers and consumers. These soft lines give you a hug every time you sit down.

In our collection we have a few such huggable “sit, lounge, lie down” pieces. Our Pop Art Sofa and the Viking Chair – all available on our website Ulloo42.com.

Happy Summer!