The Story of Ulloo 42

A multi-disciplinary design studio founded in Southern California by two world travellers from European backgrounds, Ulloo 42 began with a chance meeting. It’s now 20 years since Lise Abraham crossed paths with British-born, locally resident artist Suzanne Currie while shopping in Newport Beach. Their shared love of design and storytelling led to a deep and enduring friendship.

In 2018, finding themselves at a turning point in their personal lives, Lise and Suzanne formulated a vision for a new business. Ulloo 42 would combine Suzanne’s artistic talent with Lise’s entrepreneurial drive and sense of style, creating beautiful interiors and original objects that spark joy, curiosity, excitement and a sense of wonder.

Unconstrained by conventional good taste and defying easy categorisation, the Ulloo 42 aesthetic is daring, bold and modern, its spirit witty, sophisticated and upbeat – a celebration of color and pattern that exudes joie de vivre.

To date, Ulloo 42 has completed home interiors in California and in London, incorporating furniture of its own design, as well as custom-made furniture and wall coverings that feature patterns from Suzanne’s original artworks.

For its design-art works, the studio takes the principle of upcycling to the level of couture, rescuing pre-loved items of furniture and lighting, restoring and reconceptualising them as one-of-a-kind, handcrafted statement pieces – each a functional work of art in its own right.

For the custom market, Ulloo 42 translates patterns drawn from Suzanne’s collage art into site-specific fabrics, wall coverings, floor treatments, and other surface decoration. Every design remains exclusive to the client that commissions it. Alongside this, Ulloo42 Originals is a capsule collection of furniture that can be made in any color or size.

Combining patterns from Suzanne’s art with traditional crafts in new and surprising ways, Ulloo42 produces everything in its own atelier, which adjoins the design studio and display gallery in Costa Mesa, CA.

“Art is the foundation of everything we do because, for us, art is intrinsic to a happy life,” says Lise. “So, whether it’s through a single object or a complete interior, our aim is to add joy to people’s lives.”

Why are we called Ulloo?

We wanted a non-English name meaning ‘home’. Suzanne grew up in Africa and ‘ulo’ means house in the Igbo language. We modified it to ulloo because we like the way it looks when written.


I worked with Ulloo 42 on a new top for an existing table. It was a true collaboration throughout the process. They were extremely accommodating when I made changes to the design, fine-tuning details and changing color. The result is beautiful. I value their design sense and craftsmanship and highly recommend Ulloo 42. I look forward to working with them on other projects.

David Dunn, PS/212 Architecture & Interior Design, Palm Springs

I recently hired Ulloo 42 to design my home. With the perfect amount of texture and color, Ulloo 42 design is fresh, modern, and original. Suzanne listened to my style while incorporating my husband’s tastes and turned our house into an art piece.

Brianna Parisi

Suzanne is a wonderful and lovely designer who really took the time to listen to us, and selected and created the most unique and timeless pieces that work for our family without compromising the design aesthetic. She has the most wonderful eye for upcycling furniture and turned a piece that I’ve owned for years into one of the most distinctive things I have in my home.

Shalini Beesam

Susanne Currie of Ulloo42 is an amazing designer!  She worked with me to create the dining table of my dreams—an Eames mid-century table base with a custom-made bright red resin top, an inch thick at the center and tapered to 1/4 inch at the edge.  It’s one-of-a-kind, thin, sleek, and an absolutely stunning piece.

Deborah Casanova

I am thrilled with what Ulloo42 has done with my table! It belonged to my mother, who moved it from Beirut, to Syracuse, to Phoenix. She kept asking me if I wanted it, and I always said yes. When she left this earth, I brought it to California, met Lise and Suzanne, and gave them the table for a sprucing up. It was boring and brown (sorry mom!)…but no longer! It is now purple and lives front and center in my living room. It’s absolutely perfect!

Gina Kano
I’m just crazy about what Ulloo42 does. The originality, the colors the sense of humor in every piece – they are so creative! I’m in love with the lamps I bought, and when the time comes to decorate my next house I will definitely be calling on Suzanne and Lise.
Shalene Bain, Founder



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